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Case Study



Mark presented with parasthesia in both hands and weakness with his right side slightly worse than his left. His power was reduced and he was experiencing intermittent headaches.

The clinical diagnosis was that he was suffering from Cervical Myeuspathy.


5 days following the initial consultation, Mark underwent the Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion surgical procedure on the C5/6 spinal levels.

He was seen for a post-operative appointment 6 weeks later. He experienced discomfort approximately 7 weeks following his operation and was seen by Eoin Fenton.

Rehabilitative physiotherapy is being conducted by Laura Byrne.

His words

I was having an issue with tingling in my arms and legs and my GP sent me for an MRI and recommended Mr Kelleher. The next evening I got a call at 8pm from Mr Kelleher who suggest I come in to see him at 8am the following morning.

At the consultation he explained clearly to me what he was seeing on the MRI and showed me the serious issue I had and that it required neck surgery.

A couple of days later I was in the SSC for my surgery. Mr Kelleher came to see me just before going into the theatre and directly after which was very reassuring.

A few weeks later at home I was having some odd symptoms that were concerning me so I rang Mr Kelleher’s secretary (Majella). She was amazing and organised everything. MRI, appointment with Physio (Laura) and Mr Kelleher. There was none of this, can you ring me back stuff. They just sprang into action and it was all organised for me which I really appreciated. Honestly, it was like I had pressed the red button. I have never had any medical issues in my life before so this was all new to me.

There was nothing wrong but it was great to get the reassurance I needed just to let my body heal.

I found Mr Kelleher team to be very Knowledgeable, Confident, organised and kind. His Physio (Laura) is really on the ball and talks you through what she is doing and is happy to answer any questions.

Mr Kelleher is clearly a gifted Surgeon and is most definitely in the room when you are speaking to him. My overall impression of him was one of don’t worry we’ve got this and to be fair he proved it. He clearly works very hard for the people in his care. He will even tell you a joke at your 6 week post-op appointment.

It was wonderful to have him and his team on my side.

I am now on my way to recovery and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Thank you Mr Kelleher


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