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Case Study



Karl presented with moderately severe persistent lumbar pain radiating down the back of his leg.

There was an L4/5 disc prolapse impinging on both sides but particularly on the left L5 root.


Karl underwent a microdiscectomy on his L4/5 spinal levels 8 weeks after his first appointment. He was seen twice post-operatively and reported an 80% reduction in pain but still experienced restricted mobility and flexibility.

Rehabilitative physiotherapy was commenced by Laura Byrne with a focus on conditioning and flexibility.

His words

Nothing but good things to say about the Sport Surgery Clinic. After suffering with serious low back pain for ten months when I saw Dr Michael Kelleher. It was the first time I felt like something could be done about this issue and within six months I was back on my feet with back no pain. Couldn't recommend it more.

Karl Nolan


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