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Case Study



Fiona presented with spondylisthesis in the L4/5 levels in 2019. She experienced weakness and pain down both of her legs.

In her consultation she reported that the pain was a 5-6/10 and had been experiencing it for at least 10 years. This pain recurrs four to five times a year, lasting two to three weeks at a time. Her symptoms have worsened particularly in the last 2 years with the pain becoming more continuous.

Subsequent MRI imaging indicate significant facet degeneration and hypertrophy, resulting in severe bilateral lateral recess stenosis with complete effacement of the CSF from around the spinal nerves.

The clinical indication was that she has claudication type back and leg symptoms caused by the severe spinal stenosis at the L4/5 level.


Fiona underwent a Lumbar Decompression surgical procedure at the L4/5 level.

Following her surgery, she received several injections to help with pain relief and recovery. She commenced rehabilitative physiotherapy, however progress was slow and there was indications of degenerative changes.

After Mr. Kelleher was notified of the detioration, he organised a L4/5 Fusion Interbody Cage, Redo Decompression surgical procedure.

Fiona experienced a 100% remission of leg pain and a significant improvement in her walking ability. She is currently engaged in post-operative physiotherapy with Mags Deasy.

Her words

My 1st experience with Mr Michael Kelleher was in December 2019 where I needed a spinal decompression surgery for a spondylisthesis, this was performed on 9/12/19.

This operation was successful in unblocking my spinal canal. At my 6 week review an MRI showed that I had severe facet joint arthritis and was advised not to exercise or walk. I received physio in June 2020. However due to inactivity I lost muscle definition and core strength. It was then decided that I needed further surgery to fuse my L4 and L5 vertebrae.

This surgery was on the 17th of May 2021 and I can say that this has now helped with my physical difficulties and I have now commenced physio. My experience of being a patient in the SSC has been very satisfactory, both as an outpatient and inpatient, from friendly and helpful Pre-assessment staff, Mr Kelleher's secretary, the nursing and carestaff on unit 3, I can't thank them enough.


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