Case Studies / Cathy
Case Study



Cathy presented with left lower limb radicular pain following a car accident. Initially, she developed lower back pain and this progressed to left buttock pain radiating to her lateral lower limb.

There is some evidence of numbness and pins and needles in a similar distribution to her pain, although with no weakness.

MRI imaging revealed a left L4/L5 disc protrusion.

The clinical indication was that she was suffering from a left L5 radiculopathy.


Cathy underwent a microdiscectomy surgical procedure on her left L4/L5 spinal levels in June. She had an excellent outcome from surgery with a complete remission of left lower limb pain, with only slight twinges in her lower back.

She has normal dorsiflexion, extensor hallucis, longus and plantar flexion strength bilaterally.

Cathy's lower back symptoms are highly likely to settle with time and although we have decided not to opt for formal post-operative rehabilitation, we would be happy to see her should residual symptoms persist.

Her words

After 22 months of severe nerve pain medication and several pain management injections due to a bulging disc Dr Conroy in limerick a pain specialist referred me to Dr Fenton in Blackrock. I couldn’t believe I got an appointment for the following Thursday morning to see Dr Fenton. He looked at my MRI and said he could help with a micro discectomy and booked me in for the following Friday morning. He was very reassuring and explained everything in detail and was very confident that this would work for me. The secretary was in contact with me several times over the process and was always so kind and caring. I had my surgery in June and was back for my 6 week check up last Friday. I was so excited due to having no pain since the operation and I am off all medication since then. It has been such a long mental journey for me over the last 22 months and I can’t thanks Dr Fenton enough who provided me with an amazing service and I now feel my life is getting back to normal thanks to him.

Would highly recommend Dr Fenton and Blackrock clinic very professional team from start to finish.


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